Friday, August 26, 2011

5 ways to catch a cheating spouse

If you doubt your husband or wife, but do not have proof of his or her infidelity, here are 5 sure ways to get the vital proof, and be sure

#1 Use a cell phone monitoring software like Cell Spy Arsenal. Using this software, one can listen to what people are saying privately and read text messages

#2 Use a keylogger that can secretly monitor and record every detail of PC or Internet activity.

#3 Use hidden cameras. They can come in the form of an alarm clock, identification badges, air purifiers, LCD monitors, smoke alarms, wall clocks, tissue boxes, rocks, books --- you name it – the product is available in almost every form you can possibly imagine.

#4 Use a door eavesdropping spy device that allows you to listen through walls, doors, windows. You can also use devices such as the Orbitor Electronic Listening Device that can listen up to 300 feet away

#5 Use a hand held lie detector such as DeFIBulator.

If you fail to find any proof, be happy – your spouse may truly be a genuine faithful person or he or she may be too smart! Good Luck!

However, if you still find any proof, and you still want to live with your partner, you can do so with some guidance as offered in book, 'Magic of Making up - Get your Ex Back'.