Sunday, November 27, 2011

12 best James Bond spy gadgets that you would like to own

Can any spy blog or spy reference book be complete without a reference to James Bond. I am making a small attempt to note down some of the most exciting spy gadgets that I too would like to own.

1. Dagger shoe – a shoe with a poisoned blade that makes kicks doubly dangerous. This shoe is seen in Die Another Day

2. Garrote watch – a watch from which a wire garrote can be drawn, and strangle a man. This is seen in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

3. Vehicle (Aston Martin DB5) - Equipped with passenger ejector seats, tire slashers, defenses including smoke and oil slick sprayers and machine guns concealed behind headlights. Seen in Goldfinger

4. Hat – Hat equipped with a metal disc which is capable of killing someone as it can break a person’s neck when it is thrown hard. Seen in Goldfinger

5. Industrial Laser – Said to be powerful enough to put a laser dot on the moon, with the ability to cut through steel at close range. Seen in Goldfinger

6. Homing Pill – When an agent such as James Bond takes a pill, it emits a radio signal that can only be detected by a coded receiver. Seen in Thunderball

7. Rocket Belt – used to eject or propel James Bond to escape in the air. Seen in Thunderball

8. Mini Rocket Cigarette – a small cigarette capable of shooting a jet-powered projectile up to 30 yards. Seen in ‘You Only Live Twice’

9. Safe cracker – a miniature device that fits into pockets and can be used to crack any safe that an agent wants to open. Seen in You Only Live Twice.

10. Clothing brush communicator – a small radio disguised and hidden inside a clothing brush. This has a key which allows it to transmit messages in morse code. Seen in Diamonds are Forever

11. Water sphere – a neat gadget used to walk on water. Seen in Diamonds are Forever

12. Quartz watch – a watch that operates like a pager, with an in-built telex that allows agencies to send important messages to agents. The agent can print them out with a teleprinter

Which one from the above is your favorite? Would also love to see your favorite spy gadgets from James Bond or other movies. Please leave your comments in the comments box below