Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spy Gadgets: Lie Detector

Dont know how is the efficiency of this gadget, which claims to be the first hand held lie detector. Check out the details given below:

The DeFIBulator is the first hand-held, portable lie detector. And because we're running all our ad copy past the DeFIBulator, you know we're telling the truth. It's for amusement only, but the DeFIBulator is ideal for detecting who's on the mark and who's on the make.

The DeFIBulator is simple to use, and that's no lie. Just establish a baseline by asking your subject three yes/ no questions. It works by measuring voice stress, which tends to increase when someone is playing fast and loose with the truth. When the device detects that someone's lying, watch the LCD screen as "Demonochio's" nose gets longer and he sprouts devil horns! It even works with a cell phone.

Bring the DeFIBulator to your next party and see who's trusted and who's busted! When someone tells you their net worth you will know if they're pulling cheap wool over your eyes. And when the host tells you it's $50-a-bottle wine, you'll know whether it's really Two Buck Chuck!

Additional Information:

The De-FIB-ulator comes with everything you need to separate the truth from the lies.

* De-FIB-ulator Stress-Analyzing Truth Detector
* Mobile Phone Connector (2.5 mm)
* Two CR2032 batteries

Do you have one of those friends that likes to exaggerate his stories? Or maybe when you and your friends are having a good time you sometimes suspect that some of their stories are made up. Well now you can have some fun with them and call their bluff with the DeFIBulator. This new novelty spy gadget is a handheld voice tension detector, more commonly known as a lie detector.

That’s right, the DeFIBulator was developed to measure different degrees of vibration in a person’s voice. When the user’s voice goes from a calm to nervous tone, like when someone lies, there are vibrations that can be detected through this gadget. So when your best friend assures you he really didn’t spill red juice on your white carpet use the DiFIBulator to find out for sure if he’s telling the truth.

So how does it work? First you have to train the DeFIBulator to recognize the user’s voice by asking your potential liar 3 yes or no questions, recording the voice for a baseline. Then when the questioning begins you simply watch the screen, which features a digital figure of “Demonochio”. Demonochio’s nose and horns will grow with the amount of tension the device detects in your suspect’s voice. The DeFIBulator has shown about 65% accuracy in lie detecting, and can even be hooked up to your cell phone for questioning over the phone.

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