Saturday, July 09, 2011

Invisble bluetooth spy gadget for cheating in exams

Technology can be used for achieving good and bad things. For example, the minute versions of spy gadgets now allow students to cheat in exams. The makers of the gadgets say that there is no need to cram information or memorize.

Options are available in the form of Bluetooth sets, Glasses and watches. For example, a device called the MWE Bluetooth set consists of a wireless spy earpiece and a bluetooth transmitter with inbuilt microphone.

There are also spy glasses available, which are also equipped with Bluetooth and inbuilt microphone. The spy glasses set is equipped with a spy earbud and a microphone. The spy earbud allows you to hear everything that you want to hear from your partner. The microphone allows one to speak with a partner who can then dictate all the necessary information.

Another option is a watch which like other covert devices, comes equipped with an inbuilt microphone. The bluetooth watch set is compatible with any cellphone equipped with Bluetooth.

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