Sunday, July 05, 2009

Spy Gadgets: Quickly copy or steal cellphone data

Do you feel the need to monitor who your son or daughter is talking or sending those countless messages on the phone? Do you want to trap a person, who is indulging in nefarious activities?

Well, there is a new device in town, that allows you to just grab a cellphone, and copy all information on it -- including deleted data that has not been overwritten. The device called the 'CSI Stick' allows a person to just plug it into the data or charging port of a cellphone and quickly download all messages, contacts, and incoming or outgoing calls. The CSI stick is surely one handy device that can quickly copy data from a cellphone.

The CSI Stick is about the size of a lighter and is designed to work with certain cellphones. The device is sold by Paraben Corporation and is labeled as "The Portable Cell Phone Forensic and Data Gathering Tool". The CSI Stick opens the world of digital forensics to anyone that needs to gather forensic quality data from cell phones. The CSI Stick currently supports certain Motorola and Samsung cell phone models with additional models coming soon.

Beware - the next time someone borrows your phone to make an important call, make sure, that you are watching the phone, and there is nothing connected to it!

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