Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spy Gadget: Perform secret surveillance from a mile away

Terrorism has left all of us seem helpless, and gasping for answers. The role of technology is vital in countering terrorism, and we have seen many spy gadgets that have helped in tackling this growing menace. I would like to point out one such interesting device that will prove to be extremely useful in situations where the agents or police cannot enter the target room. What is remarkable is that this system allows one to carry out a surveillance operation from outside with a line of sight that can go up to a mile.

Using laser beam technology, the device, called the DNP Laser MIC allows one to pick up room audio from a distance without even entering the target room: by demodulating the transmitter IR laser beam bouncing from the target window, this equipment can receive and subsequently convert into electronic signals the slight window pane vibrations caused by acoustic waves in the room (voice speech)

Laser beam bouncing off the target window is then converted into electronic signals, then filtered, amplified and fed into a dedicated recording unit connected to its own amplifier with speaker/headphones: real-time audio monitoring and recording are possible at the very same time.

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