Saturday, July 12, 2008

SPy Microphone , Parabolic Microphone - Hears sounds at 300 yards

Curious to hear what others are speaking about you. Then the Spy Microphone is for you. The vendor's site claims that you can hear faint sounds with pinpoint accuracy at 300 yards with the DetectEar parabolic microphone. This powerful sound enhancement tool incorporates a 20-inch diameter snap-together parabolic dish combined with the most advanced audio circuitry available.

Details from the vendor's site:

The DetectEar parabolic microphone is also equipped with a 3-band equalizer to adjust for specific sound frequencies, recording jack, and communications input jack for outstanding sound enhancing capabilities.

The DetectEar can be mounted to a tripod (not included) for extended use and comes with a hard carrying case for transportation. Powered by only 2AAA batteries, the DetectEar parabolic microphone is your ultimate professional listening device for hunters and sportsmen.

* Hear sounds 300 yards away
* 6 panel snap together parabolic dish
* Advanced electronic circuitry 3-band equalizer to adjust sounds
* Focus on sound in the direction you point the microphone
* Tape record what you hear using the Output Jack Patch
* Adjustable volume for each ear Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibels
* Tripod mount for extended use
* Hard sided durable carrying case included
* Powered by 2 AAA batteries that last about 100 hours
* Quick assembly/disassembly
* Total product weight 24oz

More details at the vendor's site at: