Friday, August 04, 2006

Spy Phone - Surveillance

If you want to track someone's activities, just give him/her a cell phone from SpyPhones. Looking like an ordinary phone, this gadget can be used normally like a cell phone. But that is not the reason you are reading this.. right?

Ok here it is.. This sleek James Bond type gadget transforms itself into a listening device when it gets a call from a pre-defined number. You can listen discreetely to conversations from around 5 meters around the phone (when it is switched off). With this device you can also receive an instant copy of all the text messages from the target phone (the moment they are sent or received by the target phone). An extremely powerful device to monitor suspicious people, associates, employees and children. One can even know the location of the user through a simple SMS.

Works with Nokia 3230, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6620 and Nokia 7610.

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