Friday, February 24, 2006

Spy Motion detection camera

This one really takes the cake! For people who want to secretly record ... well things that are supposed to be secret.. this is an extremely intelligent and well disguised camera. This spy camera from a vendor called Spy Gadgets which can be disguised in a alarm clock automatically starts recording images on a memory card once it detects some motion! The biggest plus point of this device is that (besides the covert nature of course) is that it allows the user to transfer the images or video through USB. Can be used for surveillance and crime detection purposes...What's attractive is that the memory of the card can be increased according to the need. The vendor's site says that a typical 16 MB card can record 3000 images.. Card sizes can go upto 512 MB .. which means the user can record a whopping 96,000 images... Whew!!!